AlgaeHealth Announces Publication of a Comprehensive Book on Astaxanthin

February 14th, 2018

AlgaeHealth Announces Publication of a Comprehensive Book on Astaxanthin

Irvine, California, February 14, 2018 – Algae Health Sciences, Inc. (AlgaeHealth), a subsidiary of BGG, announced today the publication of a category-leading book on Astaxanthin titled “Natural Astaxanthin:  The Supplement You Can Feel.”  This book is a comprehensive guide to “All Things Astaxanthin” including:

• Excerpts from several renowned doctors, researchers and opinion leaders describing Astaxanthin in their own words including Dr. Joseph Mercola, Mike Adams “The Health Ranger,” Dr. William Sears, Suzy Cohen “America’s Most Trusted Pharmacist” and more.

• What makes Natural Astaxanthin “The Supplement You Can Feel” – how 80% of consumers can feel it working in their bodies.

• Extensive review of the ten clinically-validated health benefits of Natural Astaxanthin.

• Why nutrition experts are beginning to call Natural Astaxanthin “The Ultimate Anti-Aging Nutrient” and “The Athlete’s Secret Weapon.”

• Dosage, bioavailability, safety and other vital information.

• Differences between sources of Astaxanthin.

“This is the third book by Bob Capelli on Astaxanthin and by far his best,” said Joe Huff, CEO of AlgaeHealth North America.  “At over 300 pages, it’s the definitive guide on Astaxanthin for use as a health supplement by humans as well as animals.  This book is a great tool for scientists and physicians as well as people working in the supplement industry, yet is written in an easy-to-read format to be enjoyed by anyone seeking good health.”

The book will be featured at Expo West at AlgaeHealth’s booth # 3102.  A free digital version is immediately available by e-mailing


AlgaeHealth produces AstaZine in a 100% glass tube photobioreactor (PBR) closed system on the world’s second largest Natural Astaxanthin farm.  AlgaeHealth produces AstaZine® in a variety of forms including Certified Organic Haematococcus pluvialis microalgae powder; 5%, 10% and 20% oleoresin; 2% water soluble powder; and 2.5% microencapsulated beadlets.


About Algae Health Sciences, Inc.:

Algae Health Sciences, Inc., a subsidiary of BGG, focuses on the production and marketing of efficacious ingredients from natural algae sources.  With the second largest capacity to produce Natural Astaxanthin from microalgae, Algae Health Sciences plans to become the world’s largest producer in 2020. The company has facilities in USA, Switzerland, Japan and China.

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