Apple Polyphenol Research Cooperated by Japanese Laboratory and BGG R&D [Ref 0001]

October 28th, 2013

Title: The toxicology and safety of apple polyphenol extract

Author: T. Shoji*, Y. Akazome, T. Kanda, M. Ikeda

Publisher: Food and Chemical Toxicology 42 (2004) 959–967


Apple polyphenol extract has strong antioxidant activity and various physiological functions, and is used in Japan as a food additive and nutritional supplements. Here, we tested the consumption safety of Applephenon1, which is a polyphenol extract produced from unripe apples. The Ames test without S9 mixture revearled that Applephenon1, had slight mutagenicity at a high concentration of 2500 mg/plate; however, both chromosomal aberration test and the micronucleus test found no significant muta- genicity. Furthermore, an acute oral-toxicity test, and a 90-day subchronic-toxicity test showed no significant hematological, clinical, chemical, histopathological, or urinary effects at a dose of 2000 mg/kg. These results confirme that Applephenon1 is safe and no toxic at average dietary level.


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