BGG’s Latest Major Expansion – A Turnkey Plant – For Micro-Algae Production in Yunnan Province, Southern China: Is Now Running at Full Capacity

January 26th, 2014


Global Natural Plant Extracts Pioneer BGG (formerly known as Beijing Gingko Group) is pleased to announce that its new 100 acre-plus micro-algae facility has begun full production.

Based in Shilin, Kunming City, Yunnan Province, China, the location was chosen to benefit from this region’s reliable and consistent warm weather and strong sunlight throughout the year. After a great deal of careful research and analysis at several potential locations, BGG concluded that Shilin was the optimum choice.

Perfect for the cultivation of micro-algae that contain all the nutrient rich and special qualities essential to producing the richest, most potent Astaxanthin, that BGG brands as AstaZine™.

The targeted micro-algae Haematococcus pluvialisis is cultivated in a fully enclosed photo-bioreactor system designed by BGG’s engineer-scientists.

BGG’s reputation is founded upon supplying the purest and most potent extracts. And BGG’s production design maximizes the yield of Haematococcus pluvialisis , and minimizes any microbial agents that may be in the least part negative.

BGG’s micro-algae production facility is recognized as being the largest to date in China. Close to perfect conditions result in BGG’s Astaxanthin (AstaZine™) being vastly superior.

Of major significance, BGG’s proprietary manufacturing process results in micro-algae that have the highest levels of concentration and quality.

For all these reasons, BGG’s AstaZine™ has been hugely welcomed by customers from the United States, Europe and Japan.

And finally, BGG’s AstazineTM is supplied in a variety of specifications for a wide range of needs and applications. For example, 5% and 10% oil, 1% and 2% powder products amongst others are offered.

BGG’s Chairman and CEO said today “we have had a clear objective from the beginning; to supply the World’s richest and most authentic and reliable source of Astaxanthin, which BGG brands as AstaZineTM

Years of work have led up to this day. I want to sincerely thank our great team of scientists and engineers, all of whom have worked so tirelessly to make this day possible”.


BGG is a global leader in the manufacture and sourcing of clinically-supported ingredients for the dietary supplement, cosmetics, and food and beverage industries.

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