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ThinOgen™ Fucoxanthin

ThinOgen™ Fucoxanthin from global natural products pioneer BGG, is the most exciting new fat-burning carotenoid on the world’s supplement-ingredient stage.

FucoMax _ Fucoidan

FucoMAX™ Fucoidan

FucoMAX™ Fucoidan from global natural products pioneer BGG brings pure innovation to the world supplement-ingredient stage by supporting a number of critical bodily functions, including digestive and cellular health. Derived from food-grade brown marine algae, FucoMAX™ provides high-potency fucoidan. Fucose, the primary active ingredient of fucoidan, is not naturally found in food, therefore, the body […]


Astaxanthin AstaZine™

Asaxanthin is Back! Consumer demand for is fueling exciting growth The amazing benefits of Astaxanthin has been proven by science. World-wide demand has outpaced supply, until now! BGG’s world class 80-acre, glass-tube production facility currently produces an annual sustainable 2-tons of the highest quality, pure, Astaxanthin. Using state-of-the-art, sealed glass tubes and pristine Himalayan water, […]


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