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Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo Biloba Extract

Ginnovay™ Ginkgo Biloba Extract from global natural products pioneer BGG brings pure innovation to the world supplement-ingredient stage, promoting circulatory and neurological health with an unmatched quality Ginnovay™ Ginkgo Biloba Extract is the highest-purity, most reliable choice available today, taken directly from the leaves of the best-managed, most highly protected plants for a truly organic […]

TheraPrime - Alpha Tocopherols

TheraPrimE™ Vitamin E & Tocopherols

Click here to Download the BGG Tocotrienols White Paper TheraPrimE™ Vitamin E – Available in conventional and Non-GMO TheraPrimE™ vitamin E is the most effective and highest quality product of 100% natural-source vitamin E from global natural products pioneer BGG, who is dedicated to providing natural-source products for customers worldwide. TheraPrimE™ natural-source vitamin E is […]

CyaniMax - Cyaniding 3 Glucoside

CyaniMax™ Cyanidin 3 Glucoside

CyaniMax™ FROM BGG IS REVOLUTIONARY CyaniMaxTM from Global Natural Products Pioneer BGG breaks new ground in Antioxidant Protection with the highest-purity concentrations of the most powerful anthocyanin: BGG’s Cyanidin-3-O-Glucoside (C3G). Firstly, black soybeans(Glycine max (L.) Merr), grown and harvested in Northeastern China. With rich soils and a perfect climate for farming black soybeans, BGG’s buyers […]


ApplePhenon® Apple Polyphenols

FROM THE LAND OF THE ORIGINAL APPLE ApplePhenon® is carefully extracted from specially selected wildcrafted immature green apples from Central Asia, the “Land of the Original Apple.” Using a proprietary gentle extraction process, ApplePhenon® from BGG preserves the highest concentration of apple polyphenols, strong antioxidant activity and an optimized profile of proanthocyanidins. Clinical studies have […]


Astaxanthin AstaZine™

Asaxanthin is Back! Consumer demand for is fueling exciting growth The amazing benefits of Astaxanthin has been proven by science. World-wide demand has outpaced supply, until now! BGG’s world class 80-acre, glass-tube production facility currently produces an annual sustainable 2-tons of the highest quality, pure, Astaxanthin. Using state-of-the-art, sealed glass tubes and pristine Himalayan water, […]


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