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Licorice Flavonoids

Licorice flavonoids have various physiological activities such as abdominal fat-lowering, hypoglycemic and antioxidant effects. Licorice flavonoid oil (LFO: Kaneka Glavonoid Rich Oil) is a new dietary ingredient containing licorice flavonoids dissolved in medium-chain triglycerides (MCT). Glabridin is one of the bioactive flavonoids included specifically in licorice Glycyrrhiza glabra L. and is the most abundant flavonoid […]

FucoMax _ Fucoidan

FucoMAX™ Fucoidan

FucoMAX™ Fucoidan from global natural products pioneer BGG brings pure innovation to the world supplement-ingredient stage by supporting a number of critical bodily functions, including digestive and cellular health. Derived from food-grade brown marine algae, FucoMAX™ provides high-potency fucoidan. Fucose, the primary active ingredient of fucoidan, is not naturally found in food, therefore, the body […]


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