Magiva Natural Sweetner

Magvia™ Natural Sweetener

Licorice, Stevia


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Magvia™ is a natural sweetener, which comes with all the benefits, and none of the typical aftertaste. Magvia™ is already being used in a wide variety of food and beverage applications.

And with its low calorie count, Magvia™ is especially suitable for diabetic patients. Where so many sweeteners offer benefits, Magvia™ offers these and more, including perhaps the most important for commercial products…a really great natural and pleasing taste.

Magvia™ is a formula that combines two main ingredients – mono ammonium glycyrrhizinate (MAG) andRebaudioside A. the sweeteness intensity of Magvia™ is 100 to 250 times stronger than that of sucrose.

MAG comes from wild licorice roots; and Rebaudioside A is isolated from the leaves of organic Stevia.

By weakening the bitter compounds in Stevia, and utilizing the sweetness of MAG, Magvia™ provides a more rounded sweetness that enables significant improvements in your products.

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